Collaboration with Other Nurses

it is important to form relationships with other school nurses, especially if you are alone in a school district. The advice and guidance you receive from those with more experience will make your job easier. Here are some suggestions to keep in touch with what’s happening with school nursing:

Membership in the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) includes membership in the Illinois Association of School Nurses and the local division of school nurses. When you join the Illinois Association of School Nurses (IASN), you are included in the email listserv that keeps you up to date on current issues. Certified and non-certified nurses are eligible to join the organization. Membership also allows access to the NASN and IASN websites which include a wealth of information for school nursing practice.

mailing lists or listservs

The Illiniois State Board of Education has a listserv that is vitally important in your practice. Here are some details about how to get on the list:

School nurses (RN or LPN) should receive this email from   Non-nurse school health personnel should receive this from The lists are similar but not exact.  If you received the wrong copy, please send an email to to be removed from one and added to the other.  The s-nurse list has occasional items that are pertinent to nurses only, such as licensure renewal reminders, professional development open to school nurses only, or information about the Nurse Practice Act.

Sign up for the Illinois Department of Human Services School Health mailing list through this link (information at the bottom of the page). DHS – School Health Program by sending and email to: