Communicable Disease

Reportable Communicable Disease

Contagious, infectious, communicable diseases are reportable to the local health department. The administrative code  provides guidelines for the timeline for reporting various types of communicable diseases.

School health personnel are obligated to report communicable diseases to the local health department.
Section 690.200 – Reporting

Fact Sheets about communicable diseases can be obtained through this link: View fact sheets here

Communicable Disease Guide from IDPH:

Click here to view the guide

This document will help you determine how long a student needs to stay out of school for each communicable disease. Information about each disease includes:

  • Incubation period
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Period of communicability
  • Method of transmission
  • Control of cases
  • Control of contacts
  • General measures
Animal Bites

Sometimes the school nurse encounters a student who has suffered an animal bite outside of school. Animal bites are reportable to the local health department or county animal control office.
IDPH – Rabies FAQ