The Care of Diabetes Act went into effect in 2010.
ILGA – Compiled Statutes

Basic information about the law
  • Diabetes care plan is required (with physician’s orders).
  • Glucometer readings shall be recorded using a standardized format provided by the State Board of Education.
  • School districts have the option of using delegated care aides:
  • Employee agrees to receive training in diabetes care and to assist students in implementing their diabetes care plan.
  • Has an agreement with the parents
  • Has an agreement with the school district
  • Is not liable for civil or other damages as a result of conduct, other than willful or wanton misconduct related to the care of a diabetic student.
  • Delegated care aides are to be trained to:
  • Check blood glucose and record results
  • Recognize and respond to the symptoms of hypoglycemia
  • Recognize and respond to the symptoms of hyperglycemia
  • Estimate the number of carbohydrates in snack and lunch.
  • Administer insulin according to the student’s diabetes care plan and record the amount administered.
  • Respond in an emergency, including administration of glucagon and call 911.
  • If an extra dose of insulin is required while the child is under the care of the care aide, the care aide shall consult the nurse, parent, or physician.
  • In schools where diabetes students attend, all staff shall be trained in the basics of diabetes care:
  • How to identify when the student needs immediate or emergency medical attention.
  • Who to contact in case of emergency.
  • Management of school-sponsored activities: An information sheet shall be provided to the school employee who transports the student that includes:
  • Identification of the student with diabetes
  • Potential emergencies that may result from diabetes and appropriate responses to the emergencies.
  • Emergency contact information
  • Student self care – student may manage his/her own diabetes care:
  • In the classroom
  • At any school related activity
  • May keep all items in his/her possession to care for diabetes including glucagon, food, and drinks.
Insulin administration chart from ISBE

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