Eye Exam Form

General Information

Section 665.610 – Eye Examination Requirement

  • All students enrolling in kindergarten and students enrolling in an Illinois school for the first time (public, private, or parochial) must submit an eye exam. The requirement does not apply to preschool students.
  • The exam must be completed by a physician who performs eye exams or an optometrist.
  • Here is the link to obtain the form.

Timetable for submitting the eye exam

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  • Exam must be completed within one year prior to the first day of the school year in which the child enters kindergarten or the child enters the Illinois school for the first time (public, private, or parochial).
  • Exam must be submitted by October 15th.
  • The school may hold the child’s report card for lack of submission of an eye exam or waiver.


A waiver may be submitted in place of an eye exam if a student shows undue burden or lack of access to an optometrist or physician who performs eye exams. Here is the link to obtain the waiver form.