Objections to Exams and Immunizations

  1. Objection of Parent or Guardian

Public Act 099-0249 enacted August 3, 2015 amends the School Code for Religious Objections: Exemption Certificate requires health care provider signature.

Medical Exemptions

There are two avenues by which a physician may exempt a child from a required immunization: a physician statement of immunity and a medical objection.

Physician statement of Immunity

Section 665.280 – Physician Statement of Immunity
ILGA – Compiled Statutes 27-8.1 (8)

If a physician believes a child to be protected from a disease (e.g. the immunizations were not administered according to the approved schedule), the physician can write a note indicating that they feel that the child is adequately immunized and submit it for review.

A copy of all physicians’ statements of immunity should be forwarded to the appropriate regional IDPH Immunization Program Representative, except when a previous statement addressing the same issue has been reviewed by IDPH and deemed acceptable. A signed release of information from the parent/guardian must accompany the request for review by IDPH.

The child is considered to be unprotected but in compliance until the school receives a letter from IDPH stating that the exemption is accepted.

If the statement is not approved, the school should forward a copy of the statement to the student’s parents informing them that the immunization must be given and that the student is considered unprotected and in noncompliance. The student is then subject to the exclusion provision of the law.

Medical Objection

Guidelines Applicable to Medical Immunization and/or Examination Exemptions – Under Revision

Questions regarding the specific immunization requirements and medical waivers should be directed to IDPH.

List of Non-immunized students

A list of students who have not submitted proof of immunity is required to be kept at each school.
Section 665.290 – List of Non-immunized Students